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Most of our courses and programs are paid. This means that those without possibilities don’t have access to them. Thanks to our donors, we are able to allow those with proven monetary limitations to access our offerings at diminished or no cost, as well as continue to provide extensive and comprehensive education and support for free through our many posts, videos, guides, and more. Thank you for becoming a donor!

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Our purpose is to make flourishing and well-being accessible to everyone, and because of that we are committed to making valuable and extensive education and resources available for free on our website. We are only able to do this with the support of our donors’ trust and generosity. Besides, we also try to make accessible to all even our paid programs, by offering them at special lower costs to those with proven economic difficulties. Again, this is only possible thanks to the donations we receive. At last, we see donations as a means for those who believe in our project and want to contribute to its sustainability and growth, to do so in a easy and confortable but nonetheless meaningful way.