Emotional and Mental Balance Questionnaire (EMBQ)

This test was designed to assess the current state of mental and emotional balance of the subject, in general as well as in specific areas, qualities and skills. It’s purpose is to help both the you and, if you ever take a training or course with us and choose to share your results, the teacher, in understanding better your current situation and how you can improve.

The questionnaire takes around 5 minutes and is composed by a list of 50 statements regarding your life and everyday experience, which you are asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 5 according to how frequently they happen to you, using the scale provided below. Make your best effort to answer as truthfully and accurately as you can, according to what really represents your experience, instead of what you would like it to be or think should be. Remember: the goal is not to score high, but to better understand how you are and where you can improve.


Never or almost never








Always or almost always

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